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Ruby - Fracture Filled - 3.94 Cts

  • $85.00

This beautiful Ruby measures 10 x 8.1 x 5.1mm and weighs 3.94 Cts. It is calibrated to fit any 8x10 jewelry settings and can stand up to everyday wear. This Ruby has been treated by fissure filling which is a common practice that makes the material more presentable. Purchase this ruby today and receive free shipping with your order.


Our pricing is carefully researched to ensure that everything we sell is priced below any competition when we compare product of equal quality.   We place a special emphasis on honest photography and product descriptions and this is how we aim to keep your long term business.    

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I am a GIA Alumni member with 8 years of field experience in Geology. Pre-Sale, All stones are inspected for authenticity using: Refractometer, Color Filters, Dichroscope, Polariscopic, Dark Field Illumination, Immersion cell and 100x Microscope,. All of GemSelect AU's items are guaranteed. We periodically certify random stones from every lot as part of due-diligence. We guarantee any stone will certify as stated.


In today’s gem market many stones are treated to improve a stones appearance. Treatments include, Heating, Fracture Filling with Lead Glass, Cobalt, Resin, Beryllium or Borax Flux Treatments, Etc. There is nothing wrong with purchasing or selling a treated stone. As long as treatments are fully disclosed and product is priced accordingly. Sadly, treatments other the simple gentle hare rarely disclosed or understood at the retail level. Purchasing from GemSelect AU means you will have full disclosure on any treatments. All stones are guaranteed to please and you have 30 days to Return any item if you feel it arrived not as promised.


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If you feel your product arrived not as described you have a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply ship the product back to us within 30 days and we issue a full refund - No questions asked. We’ve been in the same shoes before ourselves. :-)


We only want to sell and communicate with Integrity. We want you to be happy with your purchase and make a good profit from our mutual business because we want you as a repeat customer. If you are happy with our services please leave good feedback and help us move up. If you’re not happy, Please contact us directly. You’ll be pleased to see that we will make it right.


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