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About us

GemSelect AU is wholesaler of natural gems based in Auburn, NSW. We sell only natural gemstones and source from small artisan miners around the world. We work in close partnership with dealers and jewelry manufacturers in Australia, providing them with access to a consistent supply of our gems, and building their confidence through great service and education.

All of our gems are hand-selected by our expert gemologist, and priced below what you would pay for the same quality elsewhere. And if stunning genuine gemstones at wholesale prices were not enough of a reason to buy from GemSelect AU, we also offer some attractive extras -- such as free insured shipping and optional gem authentication reports from Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL)

For identification of gems in-house we have the following equipment:

- x5 - x100 GIA Microscope 
- Refractometer
- Dichroscope
- Dark Field Magnifier
- Chelsea Filter
- Spectroscope
- Polariscope

Please note -  If you need a stone not listed in our store, email the specifics to mhart@gemselect.com.au and we will work to fulfill your order.